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This show would have never have happened without you - you saved me from disaster. So thank YOU! Looking forward to the next one. 


Sherry & Pete,

Many thanks for another well-produced event.

We truly appreciate the expertise and support you bring. I had a blast…



Thanks so much for your email and for sending along our invoice.  We thoroughly enjoy working with you and Pete and appreciate your professionalism…and your sense of humor.


Thanks for all you did to support our event and help us showcase our school.  It came together beautifully (despite a bit of last minute scrambling on our part!).  We couldn’t have been more pleased.



Thank you for your great work. Feedback has been exceptional! We appreciate the skill you brought to the evening!


Doug and Peter,

Thank you so much for helping us with our Gala - you guys (and your team) were amazing! There was such a feeling of confidence and security knowing you were there partnering with us.


We hope to work with you again in the future!







Thank you so very much for your efforts and work on Friday. I believe you and your team's expertise was a guiding force in helping us execute in this new virtual setting. We received many compliments about the event!


Because of you, we busted through what was a lofty goal for our small group, in a city that has plenty of much larger, better connected non-profits. You made sure the event transitions looked seamless and helped us cover up any small technical glitches (and really we only had a few thanks to your help and prep at our dress rehearsal). Your guidance really gave us the professional polish we needed in this new setting. 


I'm so excited to see us do some good with all of the money we raised (and are STILL raising, we still have donations coming in). Again, thank you so much for your partnership!


All of my best,

Samantha Zaleski


This was all new to us and definitely could not have done it without you!



Samantha Seals-Martins



A delight and pleasure to work with you Pete and see your great creativity switching and mixing the A/V.


Thank you for turning these around so fast, it looks great. We hope to be in touch.


Be well,




Dear Pete and Doug,

Thank you thank you thank you for everything you did for us over the last week, and especially all of the work you did for us at the last minute yesterday. We appreciate your efforts so much and are so thrilled about how everything came together.


We left you a five-star review on Google, are there any other platforms where it would be helpful to leave a review?


Thank you again and we very much hope to work with you again in the future!


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